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Nazraeli Press One Picture Book Two Series, Set 1: #1-4, Limited Edition(s) (with 4 Prints): Michael Kenna: DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone); Tony Mendoza: Florida Dogs; Betty Hahn: Lone Ranger; Carrie Mae Weems: Monument

Publisher: Paso Robles, California: Nazraeli Press, 2018
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: New / No dust jacket as issued
Item #: 113292



To subscribe to the One Picture Book Two series, and receive a copy of each future book and signed print at the subscription price of $40, please inquire (limited availability).

Nazraeli Press One Picture Book Two Series, Set 1: Titles #1 to 4:

All of the titles in the set share the following format: First edition, first and only printing. Hardcover. Each title is a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies, with one loose 5x7-inch original print signed by the artist. Paper-covered photographically-illustrated boards with quarter-bound colored cloth (color of the cloth used varies with each slipcased set of four books), with printed title on matching paper pasted down on cloth spine, all contained in a paper-covered four-volume slipcase with debossed title printed in white and black; no dust jacket as issued. 16 pp., with four-color and/or duotone plates (number of plates varies by title). 8-1/2 x 6 inches (slipcase is 8-5/8 x 6-1/8 inches).

#1. Michael Kenna: DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) - The 38th Parallel: 13 duotone plates. ISBN: 9781590054925.

#2. Betty Hahn: Lone Ranger: 10 four-color plates. ISBN: 9781590054932.

#3. Carrie Mae Weems: Monument: 12 duotone plates. ISBN: 9781590054949.

#4. Tony Mendoza: floridadogs: 13 four-color plates. ISBN: 9781590054956.


New. All books, slipcase and prints are in flawless condition, in publisher's shrink-wrap (slit open for signature) and packaging.


From the publisher (from the announcement of the new Series): "We are excited to announce the launch of One Picture Book Two: an upgraded, upscaled follow-up to our much-loved One Picture Book series of artists’ books. Each title will be limited to 500 numbered copies, and will include a removable, signed, original print. The books will be a little bigger, with a fresh design, but the price remains the same. Subscribers to the series are guaranteed a copy of each release for $40, complete with four-volume slipcase. For non-subscribers, individual titles start at $50, with the price increasing as the books sell out. The first four titles of One Picture Book Two will be released in May 2018: DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) by Michael Kenna; Florida Dogs by Tony Mendoza; Lone Ranger by Betty Hahn; and Monument by Carrie Mae Weems. Subsequent releases will include titles by JoAnn Callis, Mark Ruwedel, Daido Moriyama, Susan Zadeh, Laurie Simmons, Michael Mulno, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Toshio Shibata, Todd Hido, Mark Steinmetz, Leon Borensztein, Corey Arnold, and many others."

From the publisher:

#1. Michael Kenna: DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) - The 38th Parallel: "The first title in our new “One Picture Book Two” series is by Michael Kenna, and it is a most timely one. The DMZ, known also as the Korean Demilitarised Zone, is two hundred and fifty kilometers long, four kilometers wide, and runs across the thirty-eighth parallel, dividing the Korean peninsula into North Korea, (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), and South Korea, (Republic of Korea). The DMZ has been a de facto buffered international border since an Armistice Agreement was signed in 1953.

Today, thousands of troops from North and South Korea are stationed on both sides of the DMZ. Constant visual and electronic surveillance is conducted. Electrified barbed wire fences, armed guard posts and watch towers defend the perimeters of the zone. Land mines and heavy weapons are in place, ready to be used.

The thirteen photographs presented here were made by Michael Kenna during his visits to the South Korean DMZ locations of Cheolwon, Gangwondo in 2005 and Paju, Gyeonggido in 2012."

#2. Betty Hahn: Lone Ranger: "Betty Hahn is an American artist known for working in alternative photographic processes. Hahn’s work emphasizes photography, while challenging established ideas regarding the medium’s presentation. Her work incorporates a variety of techniques including: appropriation and serial imagery and mediums such as lithography, painting, and embroidery.

Her extended series of images of the Lone Ranger, created in the 1970s, is one of her best known. Each print in the series is unique; during the decades since the work was made, the series has been broken up, with individual prints being acquired and held in collections across the country.

We are pleased to bring together a collection of some of the finest prints from Hahn’s Lone Ranger series and present them in this limited edition book. Each copy of the book comes with a loose, signed original print created specially for our One Picture Book Two series.

Betty Hahn’s work is held within the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Center for Creative Photography, Tucson; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Norton Simon Museum of Art, Los Angeles, among many others."

#3. Carrie Mae Weems: Monument: "We are thrilled to announce our second publication with Carrie Mae Weems. In this limited edition book, Weems presents twelve photographs she has made during recent trips into the American South, showing monuments both present and removed.

Known for her ability to confront injustice with eloquence, honesty and beauty in her work, Carrie Mae Weems is a true national treasure. Her photographs, films, and videos have been displayed in over 50 exhibitions in the United States and abroad, and focus on serious issues that face African Americans today, such as racism, sexism, politics, and personal identity."

#4. Tony Mendoza: floridadogs: "Born in Havana in 1941, Tony Mendoza moved with his family to Miami in 1960. A prolific writer as well as photographer, Mendoza is the subject and author of several books, but is perhaps best-known for “Ernie”, a photographic memoir centered on a cat he encountered when he moved into an apartment in New York City.

In Floridadogs, Mendoza presents a series of photographs he made one afternoon of beach-loving canines that he and his dog Bob encountered during an impromptu visit to the dog beach at Fort De Soto Park in Florida. Known for his sharp wit and great sense of humor, Mendoza delivers in spades with this glimpse into a secret society of ocean- and beach loving dogs.

Tony Mendoza is the recipient of three NEA Fellowships, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and two Creative Writing Fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council. His photographs are included the permanent collections of such institutions as the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston."