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Masao Yamamoto: Nakazora, Special Limited Edition (with Print)

Publisher: Tucson, Arizona: Nazraeli Press, 2001
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: No Binding
ISBN: 1590050231
Condition: Fine / No dust jacket as issued
Item #: 112789



First edition, first printing. Limited deluxe edition of 100 numbered copies, signed by Yamamoto, in a custom-made box of heavy clear acrylic, with an original toned gelatin silver print by Yamamoto (print edition of 100, signed on verso by Yamamoto, print size is 3-1/4 x 2-3/4 inches). Photographs by Masao Yamamoto. Wood and paper scroll, 12 x 228 inches, with 46 four-color plates, beautifully printed on uncoated fine Japanese paper. The scroll is bound by a small loose title sheet with an attached string. The Deluxe Edition floats in an all-clear acrylic box which is larger than the wood-and-acrylic box housing the regular edition. The Deluxe Edition is also hand-chopped (stamped w/ the artist's name, using his personal "chop"), whereas on the regular edition, the "chop" is foil-stamped in red. Out of print (sold out before release).




From the publisher: "Dictionary Definition of Nakazora: The space between sky and earth, the place where birds, etc. fly. Empty air. An internal hollow. Vague. Hollow. Around the center of the sky. Or, emptiness. A state when the feet do not touch the ground. Inattentiveness. The inability to decide between two things. Midway. The center of the sky (the zenith). A Buddhist term. Nakazora is our second publication on the work of Japanese artist Masao Yamamoto. But this is no book: the artist has designed a scroll measuring over eighteen feet long, beautifully printed in process color on uncoated Japanese stock. The timelessness of Yamamoto's imagery is beautifully echoed in scroll presentation. The scroll was one of the earliest vehicles used for storing and presenting visual information. Nakazora combines the aesthetic and tactile attributes of this traditionally one-off format with the advantages of modern printing technology. A striking marriage of traditional and hi-tech materials and production techniques, Nakazora redefines the term 'artists' book.'"