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Daido Moriyama: Record No. 29 / Kiroku No. 29 [SIGNED]

Publisher: Tokyo: Akio Nagasawa Publishing, 2015
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: Soft cover
Condition: New / No dust jacket as issued
Item #: 112062



First edition, first printing. Signed (in English) on the title page by Moriyama. Soft cover. Photographically illustrated wrappers. Photographs and text (in Japanese and English) by Daido Moriyama. Designed by Rie Shimoda. Unpaginated (120 pp.), with full-bleed black-and-white plates throughout beautifully printed in Japan by Tokyo Inshokan Co., Ltd. 11 x 8-3/8 inches.




This edition of Record / Kiroku commemorates Moriyama's long friendship with the late Takuma Nakahira.

From the artist: "On September 7th I attended the memorial service for Takuma Nakahira that was held at 10:30 at a funeral hall in Hiyoshi.

I had been acquainted with Nakahira for more than 50 years since back when we were both around 25. From the days he was an editor for the new-left magazine Gendai no me, and through the years after he started working as a photographer - including the time we put out the 'Provoke' photography fanzine - we were connected through both photography and the fact that we both lived in Zushi. Now that I reflect on our companionship, it is quite a passionate affair between the two young blokes that we were. Throughout my life, Nakahira was a 'one and only' sort of friend, and a rival at the same time. Even though we couldn't have been more different in terms of both character and constitution, there was one thing that we both shared, and that one thing obviously tied us soundly together. Nakahira was an exceptionally brilliant minded person whose body of work encompasses large amounts of remarkable photographs and a number of vivid written statements. It appears to me that my awareness of his presence helped me self-reflect on my own work in a rather relative way. Takuma Nakahira was in all cases an amiable man and friend with a naturally unaffected sense of humor, who every now and then displayed a peculiar kind of lightness. Now that he is gone, I do miss him alot."

From the artist: "It was 34 years ago, back in 1972, that I came out with the self-published photo journal 'Kiroku.' At the time, I was busy with all sorts of work for magazines. Partly because of a daily feeling inside that I shouldn't let myself get carried away by it all, I came up with the idea of a small, self-published personal photo journal. Without any ties to work or any fixed topic, I just wanted to continue publishing a 16-page booklet with an arbitrary selection of favorite photos among the pictures I snapped from day to day. By nature, it was directed first and foremost to myself rather than other people. I wanted a simple, basic title, so I called it 'Kiroku' (record). However, the publication of 'Kiroku' sadly ended with issue number five. Now, thanks to the willpower and efforts of Akio Nagasawa, 'Kiroku' the magazine has resumed publication. Or rather, we should call it a fresh publication. With the hope that it will continue this time, I am selfishly thinking of asking Mr. Nagasawa to publish 'Kiroku' at a pace of four issues per year. I happily accept his proposal and look forward now to embarking on a new 'voyage of recording.'"