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Mika Ninagawa: Acid Bloom

Publisher: Tucson, Arizona: Nazraeli Press, 2003
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: Soft cover
ISBN: 1590050665
Condition: New / New
Item #: 101287



First edition, first and only printing. Soft cover. Photographically illustrated laminated flexible boards, with photographically illustrated dust jacket and clear acetate cover. Photographs by Mika Ninagawa. 84 pp., with 44 four-color plates, extremely well-printed with a unique color process and inks specially designed for the images in the book by Toppan A.D., Japan (department for hi-color and hi-definition). 13-1/4 x 9-3/4 inches. This first edition was limited to 1000 copies.


New in publisher's packaging.


The extreme variations in hue and saturation result in rich and intensely vibrant reproductions, unlike any I have ever seen!

From Mika Ninagawa: "The moment I feel like a plant, or like a bug alighting on a flower, I release the shutter. When I'm not in this heightened state, I may shoot a beautiful flower beautifully, but that is all. For me, the process of photographing a flower is something more, something that goes beyond the flower. When I'm photographing well, I am always floating on another plane -- a place between this world and the world beyond."

From the publisher: "About ten years ago, the Japanese critic Kotaro Iizawa coined the expression "onnanoko shashinka," which loosely translates as "girlie photographers." He was referring to a hugely popular group of young Japanese women photographers whose subject matter -- simple, everyday things -- was captured using a "point-and-shoot" technique. Mika Ninagawa has been described as second generation "onnanoko shashinka," a very skillful photographer with perhaps a more mature approach to her work -- but still with a wonderful mix of fun and flair. The pictures in this stunningly beautiful book are large and saturated, a dazzling array of flowers, trees, grass and insects -- close-up and ablaze with color. Acid Bloom is an electrifying body of work."